Webhooks to activate Axis speaker

Is there a way to have webhooks activate an Axis C1410 speaker? The information you need to add to the webhooks interface seems to provide all the system needs to make it work but it doesn’t.

Is there a way for this to work?


Hi Jeff - let me check with our engineers to see if this possible.

Hello all, I stumbled on this request after this recently came up from another source. I did not see a rely here with an answer so despite the date of the original post wanted to add some information here.

At the present time ExacqVision Client does not have the ability to trigger audio clip playback from networked speakers such as the C1410. Audio clips CAN be triggered using RESTful API endpoints provided by the device, however ExacqVision webhooks currently only support the POST method. Axis’ API expects a GET request, not a POST. Additionally the request will need authentication.

I have updated the following Support article on this subject. If anything changes in regards to this I will attempt to return to update this thread.

After further investigation, I’ve updated the Support article again to reflect my findings. The C2005 and C1410 do not provide Digital Outputs, however the C1310-E network horn does and this can be used to trigger audio clip playback using Event Linking. See article for more details on how this is accomplished.

I can’t get that link to work, can you share the steps for the C1310-E?

Hi Jon. It appears the permissions on the article may have prevented the link from working. Please try this again or search the Support Portal for “Using Axis Networked Speakers with ExacqVision”.