Username/password lookup or reset

Hi, we are migrating a user that uses the exacqVision Client (x64) on his desktop to a new system. The camera application works just fine, but when it’s started up, it does not prompt for a username and password.

This wouldn’t be an issue except that the new system is asking for a new username and password to connect to our cameras. The program is able to locate the camera system via IP, but can’t connect. The user doesn’t have a record of what that username and password is, and I’ve tried the standard default ones I can find online.

I saw someone post that in the past there was a method to obtain the current username/password as it has to be stored someplace in the program, but that you have to contact tech support now for them to walk you through it. We opened a ticket yesterday morning but haven’t received a reply yet. I’ve also called tech support and was just looped around automated attendants.


Hello Kevin -
The user file is encrypted so the support way of getting back to default is to install the server program fresh, after doing a full uninstall. During the install process it will prompt to create an account. Alternatively, if you have access to the server and its logged in already there, you can change the users passwords in the configuration menu → Users.

Hi Josh, thanks for the response. My co-worker was able to access the administrative interface I could not access myself (I can now) and reset his password. The username being case-sensitive was also a gotcha. Thanks.

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