Server Connection Issues

We are having an issue with a server where it is stuck in “received discovery response”, even in the local client pointing to localhost or Eventually all users created in the system throw an invalid credentials message.

What can cause this and is there a fix besides a complete reinstall of the system?

Hello Gerardo,
Is this a linux or windows machine? Could you provide the serial number by chance?


I’ve seen this scenario, specifically on Windows machines running Anti-Virus software. As a test, try disabling Anti-Virus to see if the issue goes away. If so, you may need to set exclusions for exacqVision Software in your Anti-Virus.

Though not the same message, this state is very similar to the “Found Server Awaiting Key” status mentioned in this KB:

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Hello Josh, this is a Linux machine. Serial #ER2135031500

Hello Isaac,

Yes we have seen the same behavior with awaiting key in other servers.

I will check firewall and other software running on the server. Since the end client does install some security policies