Search pulls up wrong camera

Has anyone come across a situation where during search, after selecting a camera, it displays a different camera?

Integrator is searching outdoor cameras and it’s showing indoor cameras with the MAC of the outdoor. This started happening after the server went down and they reloaded from an older backup.

Client (x64)
Server (x64)
Axis p3364 5.40.17
Axis 7.25.11
(and yes, they’ve been told there is newer firmware)

Thanks for the help!

Hi Jon -
It sounds like the backup they loaded is older and it changed the camera associations which is why they are pulling back video from the previous association. Do they have a more current backup? Loading that in would resolve the issue and fix the association with the previously recorded video.

If they don’t have a more current back up, how would they remedy the incorrect camera when searching?

Not sure your portal access level but here is the link to the KB that discusses this issue.
or if not here is a link to a pdf copy Re-associating Searched Video


I can’t pull up either one of those links and I’m having a similar issue.

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Option 3

There would be no support for reassociating the cameras with the proper video. This is just one example of why having a recent configuration file is so important.