Restricted View blocks al video from Kantech, Exacq Mobile and victor

I have discovered a serious issue when you use Restricted View.

Using it on just one camera on an Exacq NVR, all the camera feeds are blocked from…

  1. Exacq Mobile and Web
  2. victor Client
  3. Kantech

You get the following log message:
2022-03-28 09:05:57.905 AM StreamPI Verbose Client cannot be subscribed because it does not support Restricted Views

Nothing in the documentation alerts you to this issue.

Hi Jeff -
RVW is a new feature starting in 21.09 where you can block out parts of the video for privacy.
Unfortunately, we currently do not have a method of supporting both at the same time. If you plan on using this feature you will lose the ability to view cameras in the thin client and the mobile app. I will look into getting public documentation posted in regards to this.