Recording Not Possible

We have several Ubuntu servers with ExacqVision Professional Server running, we are experiencing issues when the recording gets to 100% of utilization that the server stops recording and the only fix is to manually delete files in the mounted drive to free up space and restart de edvr service.

We have a case open, where we got the instructions that the recording bar cannot be set at 100% but the end user has Exacqvision hardware where this is allowed and they are not accepting this option to be limited.

Also, we found that when the slider is changed to 90% (for example) after a couple of minutes it goes back to 100%.

Are there any instructions, guide or steps to follow to figure out if the mounted drive is mounted correctly?

Please check to see if you have Expiration Configuration rules setup on the Storage page. Specifically look for any “at least” rules.

If you do have storage rules (Expiration Configuration) setup, you can learn more about them and the storage page here ( Navigate to the “Storage” section to watch the video.

Hi Bill, there are no expiration rules created, and this would work expiring the recording of the cameras, not showing the drive as “recording not possible”, at least that’s what I would expect.

I believe this is an issue with the permissions of the /mnt folder where the drive is mounted versus the user that exacqvision server runs as, and that maybe causing exacqvision to not be able to delete files. But, as per my understanding that would also cause exacqvision to not be able to write files and that happens just fine. When the drive hits 100% there is nothing being deleted linearly so the drive cannot be written to anymore.

I was wondering if anyone has a guide on steps to follow (as a recomendation from EV) to correctly mount a drive using the linux terminal.

Please provide your case number when you get a chance. Below are a couple KB articles for mounting drives and checking for errors.

Checking a drive for errors

Replacing a Drive in Ubuntu 20.04 or later, Using GParted

Thank you for the information Bill, we have opted to change the OS to windows for ease of understanding for the technicians in the field and the local client users. Do you by any chance know, if we change the OS on the system, technically the MAC Address will still be the same, we are not going to lose licenses, am I correct?

You are correct. The license is tied to the NIC MAC address so you’re able to import your license as well as your config file.