Need to shuffle some footage around. Is there a way to get Exacq to rebuild the database so it knows where the video files are?

Apologies if this is simple. I am overwhelmed by Exacq’s complexity and inherited to the maintenance of this system. Presently we have 3 hdd arrays all storing Exacq clips, I need to move these all into one array so I can modify the others. Seems easy enough to just merge the files from one drive into another, but I also need to let Exacq know that I’ve done this right?

Any tips?

Yes, this will work. We scan the volumes at each service start, and again each hour to look for video files. If you move the .ps and .psi files to another volume that is enabled for recording, they will be found.
The files should be merged in to the corresponding year/month/day/hour folder.

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Thanks so much!