Logging out of exacqVision Client


How does on switch users or even log out of the client if auto login was checked during the first setup for the user? We have looked high and low for a log out option of the client.

Thank you!

The ExacqVision Client does not have a login/logout function in a traditional sense.

When opening the Client software it will automatically attempt login connections to system in the System List. If you chose “Use Credentials Entered Below”, these credentials are saved and the Client will log into the system with those credentials. To change to another user, say one with a different User Role, or simply to another user account name, you would enter the new credentials into the Username and Password fields on the Add Systems page.

If you want to force user login with specific credentials each time, select “Always Prompt for Credentials”. This will disconnect when closing the Client instance. Each time the Client instance is opened the user will be prompted to enter their credentials to reconnect to the server. You would simply close the Client window to “log out”

Note, that client settings, including the login method and servers that appear in the System List are retained based on the Operating System user account. So theoretically users logging into Windows or Ubuntu with their users account could “Use Credentials Entered Below” and not have to log into each ExacqVision Server each time. But if multiple ExacqVision users are using the same operating system account it may be desired to use the “Always Prompt” option so they are logged out of ExacqVision each time they close the Client window.

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