Issues when sending events via e-mail


I have a problem when I try to send the generated alarms through our email service.

If I can get it to transmit through the Outlook service.

Do you know why this happens or how to see the bug to fix it?

Are you referring to a desktop Outlook mail client or using Microsoft Office365’s mail service? You should be able to use Office365 to send these messages. ExacqVision sends notifications utilizing SMTP, a common protocol used by many email services.

You should investigate the System Logs for possible error codes after attempting to send test messages. Additionally, you may need to create an Application Password since many email providers have moved to this method to allow third-party applications to authenticate without 2FA. The following article may help you with this.

Hello Ross, we do not have the possibility of adding double factor or passwords for applications to our email service, the Server when performing the email test generates error 56

This is the error code for cURL which indicates a failure receiving network data.

Test cURL manually following the steps in this article:

Does this result in the same error code? Do you have a network proxy? Are you using the latest version of ExacqVision Server?

I strongly recommend that you contact Support to open a ticket with a support team member so that they can ascertain more details about your system and configuration, possibly even remote to the system to assist.