Illustra Pro Gen4 2MP x Exacq Edge

Hello everybody!

I’m installing Exacq Edge (v22.06) on an Illustra Pro Gen4 2MP camera (IPS02-D12-OI04) and the application doesn’t behave as it should.

I made a video to better demonstrate the behavior of the camera after installing and rebooting the camera.

Illustra Pro Gen4 x Exacq Edge

Hello Danilo. Firstly, allow me to welcome you to the Forum.

There could be a low memory issue. Our engineering team is currently investigating this. You may try to find the following entries in the System Logs when you are able to connect to the Edge Server instance from the Client.
“EventPI Error Error: Failed to create metadata event. Continuing.”

For the time being, have you tried removing Edge 22.06 and using Edge 22.03 as a workaround until this issue is corrected?

Hello Ross!

I’ll try to do that and return here on the forum if this solution worked.