How to stop a tour when Motion is detected in a certain preset

I have several PTZs and I am trying to figure out how to make a tour pause when motion is detected at a preset and then resume when motion has ceased for X amount of seconds. Is this possible?

That will depend on which type of preset Tour you are using. Regular PTZ is where the camera itself moves/zooms. You can configure a preset tour in our camera Settings page, but this is actually information that gets passed to the camera itself. Our software is only able to configure a PTZ Tour on the camera that cycles from preset to preset. I’m familiar with a couple cameras that have a different feature that supports this, but it’s not configurable from within our software.

There is also Digital PTZ, where the camera doesn’t move, but the Software is zooming in or dewarping the image. You can create a Tour using Views that are Digitally PTZ’d, but this also does not support an interrupt mechanism to accomplish what you are trying to do.

However, you can create an Event Monitoring Profile with the Type set to “View”. The Default Action can be set to “Switch View Tour” which will cycle through views that you have saved. Then you can configure an Action based on Video Motion to call up another View with the Timeout of X seconds. When that time is up, it will revert back to the View Tour.

Bottom line - if you’re talking about regular camera PTZ, this is not configurable within this exacqVision software (some cameras may have this type of feature though). If you’re using Digital PTZ, then you can accomplish this with Event Monitoring.

Out of curiosity, what are the cameras that do support this type of feature?

Thanks for the input. I wasn’t even sure which side of the tree I should be barking at… Camera or Software.

The one that I’m familiar with is the Axis Guard Tour. We had a customer that was trying to use a guard tour, and our PTZ tour at the same time which obviously caused some issues, that have since been fixed. However, we are not able to configure the Guard Tour from our side.

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