Hello All, total ExacQ newb here. I want to export many months worth of video with an appropriate time/date stamp as the filename

From what I can tell from my searching I should be using the auto export system but the search function only lets me search for video files a few days at a time. Is there a better way to go about this?

Also curious, is there is a simple way to find out what the time/date stamp is of my oldest recorded clip?

Cheers all! Happy to be here.

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There are multiple consideration to observe when exporting large files.
This KB will tell you the maximum size per file type.
We would recommend making logical smaller exports based on either a single camera and/or a single day.

Oldest content can be see on the storage page at the bottom of the Content Age box.


Just to add… Auto Export is used to set up profiles for triggering the automatic export of files based on system or user triggers. For example, someone may want a panic button wired, which when pressed can be configured in Event Linking to activate the Auto Export profile automatically saving the export of the event to a USB drive.

There really isn’t a method for exporting massive amounts of data automatically, and several months of data could be considerable, as in Terabytes. Understanding the end goal of why you are exporting this much data or intended use after exporting may help us provide more precise answers but the software limits a single search to a maximum time frame of one week. This limit is imposed due to the time to search and return results as well as due the need to cache the data when exporting.