ExacqVision Server Camera Passwords

Good morning all,

I’m new to the forum.

I have a couple of cameras stopped streaming. Rather than having to get up on a 40 foot pole to reset camera to defaults. I wonder is there any way to view the camera password from the server.


Hi Donald - unfortunately the client does not have that functionality for security reasons.

Hi Donald,
have you tried dropping POE power so they reboot?
You maybe lucky they just start streaming again.

Donald, Not sure what camera you are using, but check this folder on the server(C:\Program Files\exacqVision\Server). There would be and xml file for the camera type. For instance AXIS - axispi.xml. This is a configuration file and my have the password in it.

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Thank you all for your replies. Turns out the problem was the Ethernet POE Switch. The ports were intermittently failing. I figured Murphys Law would have me going up the pole. I worried too early.
Thank you for your replies, I appreciate them.

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