ExacqVision Client Skips Over Camera When Clicking Single View

I have 5 connected cameras. When clicking the single view icon on the top bar the client skips over camera 3 and 5. I can drag 3 and 5 in manually. Clicking the 4 camera view does not skip any cameras. This is happening on Linux client x64 and Windows client

Hi Eric,

To help my understanding of the issue, can you please clarify what you mean by skips?

A)Do you mean camera 3 and camera 5 are not listed/populated in the Live Camera panel to the the left side of the screen?

B)Or, are you possibly referring to single camera view of each camera making up a tour, and your tour skips camera 3 and camera 5?

C) Or, is is that when double clicking camera 3 and 5, they do not populate the camera’s live image to the single panel selected?

If it is C) , as listed above, I tried to recreate the problem and so far - no luck.

Here are the steps I took:
1)I accessed the live camera page, 2)selected cameras from the bottom left of the Live Cameras pane, 3) selected a single camera panel, 4)and then successfully double clicked each camera listed in my configuration of five cameras with the single panel selected - all with no issue.

I did the same thing clicking and dragging these cameras into a single panel. This test was performed on latest version of ExacqVision software, both Linux and Windows.

From time to time cameras can get stuck in a bad state which can manifest in some pretty weird ways. You could rule this out for camera 3 and camera 5 by disabling the cameras on the “add ip cameras” page, and then re-enabling them, fetching new data with the new connection.

Sometimes firmware compatibility issues can manifest themselves in ways such as this. I would cross-reference your camera model to the test record listed for it at : https://exacq.com/integration/ipcams/
, and be sure to match up firmware on the camera to what is listed as most recently tested by Exacq. You could verify server version compatibility from this page as well.

Sometimes corrupted installations can cause issues such as what you are experiencing. You could rule this out by taking a backup of the client configuration .xdv file, and then purging the client software from the machine, later installing a fresh download of the client in its place. If it works before importing your .xdv file, this could mean a corruption and/or configuration issue. Be sure not to purge the server software when doing this on the server host.

It is possible this could be server-side, since its being experienced on both Windows and Linux installations…But before going there, I would try what’s listed above.

I hope this helps!