exacqVision CCure 9000 Integration Question

Hello Everyone,

We are looking to integrate our CCure 9000 doors into exacqVision. We are currently running CCure 9000 at V2.8 SP7 and exacqVision is at (x64).

Below are the actions that we have taken using the " exacqVision C-Cure 9000 Integration Guide ".

*The license (CC9WS-EXACQMON) has been applied to the CCure SAS environment where hardware exists.

*GUID script (Exacq Analytics for CCure 9000 - 1b271527-15fb-4faf-9d5c-1be769e03892) has been applied in the CCure SAS SQL (2016) database.

*A Local Operator with SYS ALL privileges has been created in CCure 9000.

We are getting a Connection Error when we try connecting to the CCure server from the “Add Security Integration” section in exacqVision. We can ping from the exacqVision NVR to the CCure SAS server and from the CCure SAS server to the exacqVision NVR.

Can anyone shed some light on what the issue may be?

Hi Joseph - having an excerpt from the logs that include the errors when this is attempted may shine some light on the situation.

If you have not already done so you should consider opening a support case. This can be done online at https://exacq.com/support/form/ or by calling (317) 845-5710 between 8am and 8pm Eastern, press 2 for technical support.