Exacq Importer Application


I would like to know if this is normal for this to happen on an ESM server.

Multiple Importer applications are running at the same time causing excessive RAM consumption.

This is normal?

This is normal, as Enterprise Manager will create an Importer for each CPU thread on the machine running Enterprise Manager.

Can you tell me how many cores your EM server has? And, how many ExacqVision Servers are you connecting to with EM?

Ross, I have 16 processing cores and I’m monitoring 3 Exacq Servers and 1 spare.

I find it very strange how the application behaves because I have 36 Importer.exe processes running simultaneously and 135 PostGres.exe processes.


But if that’s normal, it’s okay. But this could be revised because I’m losing 50% of RAM because it’s running processes repetitively.

Well, it is normal behavior for Enterprise Manager to behave this way. But the reason I asked about the number of cores and number of monitored servers is to better understand the load EM needs to carry. In your situation I agree that you do not need this many instances running for 4 servers. We can help you reduce the number of importers running. I will ask one of our support technicians to email you directly with more details on the steps to take.

  1. Login to your EM server and run CMD as an administrator (search for “cmd” in your windows search bar and right click. you can then select “Run as administrator”).

  2. Type this command in CMD “setx _ESM_NUM_IMPORTERS 8” and then hit enter.

  3. Restart the Enterprise manager importer service. This can be done by searching for “services” in the windows search bar and opening up the application that shows up.

Then, scroll down till you see “enterprise-importer” restart it.

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Hello Ross!

I would like to inform you that they contacted me last week and guided me on how to limit the number of cores.

I will inform the procedure so that someone with the same problem can do this procedure on their server.