Dewarping error in mobile app video search

Hi Team,
Do you know if there is a problem with mobile app and dewarping for fisheye cameras? It doesn’t work in video search (recorded video) with any fisheye camera and any mobile platform (android, iOS). It works fine in live view.
I’ve tested in a server with, webservice v21.09.0.0, android app v21.09.1.0, iOS app v21.09.2646204.0
It happens with any fisheye camera, I’ve tested with Illustra, but our customer has tested with Illustra and vivotek.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards.

This is expected behavior exacqVision Mobile will dewarp in live but not in search. However, it is confusing that dewarp icons are presented when in focus mode on the search. I have created a ticket with the software team to remove those Icons so it will be less confusing.