Default Folder for saving clips

When saving clips from the Exacq client, the file explorer window used to pop up, allowing you to save the video anywhere the client PC could map to. Now when saving a clip, it does not give that option, and doesn’t give the path of where the video is being saved. It seems the new default location is Documents–> Exacqvision Files.
Is there a way to change this file location, as well as a way to display where the file is being saved to? it’s no longer intuitive for end users to find where their saved clip went, and adds additional steps if trying to save to a shared drive.


Try this KB Article out
This explains how to change the default location.

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Hi Rob,

I’m a user from another retailer, but we have had the same issue on occasion and found a workaround for this. Close Exacq client, then right click on the client icon again and choose “Run as Administrator”. This will reopen client and re-enables the save options/folders as you would normally see them.

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Thanks for the feedback Brian!

This only works sometimes and is not a guaranteed workaround. It depends on what group or local policies are in place. Thanks for the input!

Hello, Thanks for the input and suggestion. However, even opening with “run as administrator” still doesn’t seem to allow me to choose where to save, and there are no policies on this computer.

We get the available options straight from the OS. If something is missing it’s because the OS is saying it isn’t available. The software makes no determination of this on its own. This can be policy, permission, and/or privilege based.