Camera constantly pops up on 'Find IP Camera' tab that isn't connected. Won't go away


This camera was only connected to my lab server once for testing purposes. Every time I go to this tab and rescan the network it pops up and won’t go away.

This is not a critical issue but taunts me every time I see it.

Hi Joshua - unfortunately the scan would see any IP camera within range on the network, I’ll double check with engineering but I do not believe there is a way to hide that.

So the weird thing is that the camera isn’t on my network anymore. It’s in a hospital on an air gapped network

Hi Josh. Is there any chance that the camera in question was ever added the system at some point in the past? Have you tried pinging the camera’s IP address from the server to be sure that there isn’t still some sort of network pathway, perhaps over WiFi, allowing the two networks to still pass traffic? What camera model is it?

It was added to my lab system for a short duration for basic setup before I deployed it to the customer site. The system it was added to is air gapped and is used for viewing only. It was a Axis Q6074.

I’ve tried pinging the IP but I get no response. But every time I rescan the network it pops up. I’ve tried adding it again then deleting once it sees that it can’t connect to it and it always reappears.

It’s not as though it’s hurting the system at all, but it bugs the heck out of me seeing it there.

One thought is that since it was added once in the past, it may still be in the plugin xml file. Check the C:\Program Files\exacqVision\Server\axispi.xml file for the camera in question.

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