Best Practice for Storage

I thought there was a document somewhere that stated the best practices for setting up the storage for an Exacq system. Am I missing it or is there no standard anymore? You can just set them to 100% and walk away.

I don’t recall seeing this in writing but it was a verbal recommendation until around the point when we started selling 2TB HDDs. 100% would be the recommended setting now.

here is a link to the instructions for our older servers:{AC21DA8B-2C0F-4CE9-AE04-E6220980895D}&file=Replacing%20a%20Drive%20in%20Ubuntu%20with%20root%20drive%20less%20than%208GB-EL_ELIP_ELS__ELSR_ELX_ELM.docx&action=default&mobileredirect=true

here is the one for windows:
the linux ones are out dated and I do not recommend them
i’m not sure if onedrive can work this way but here is a link to a linux doc. the title of the doc tells you which servers to use it on:{AF7331A2-CE4C-4BF9-B9DB-685E4E2A49F1}&file=Replacing%20Drive%20in%20Ubuntu%20with%20root%20drive%20greater%20than%208GB-LC_ELP_ELPR_DTL_A_Z_Q_G.docx&action=default&mobileredirect=true