Axis Camera Stuttering on Z-Series NVR


I was at a client location today who is having an issue with stuttering Video. We have determined by testing that it is not an issue with the network.

What we have noticed are the following…

When the video stutters, when we are looking at a single camera in its configuration page on the Exacq Client, the camera information flickers and we get the following message at the bottom right of the client interface “Processing Configuration Data from ”

All cameras on the system are Axis. It seems as if the camera temporarily loses connection to the NVR then reconnects and restarts the stream causing the stutter. It has occurred on more than a couple of cameras.

What does this message “Processing Configuration Data from ” mean?


If you are are referring to the messages in the bottom-left corner of the Client window, this is indicating that the Client is processing configuration data from the server, which it does so at regular intervals to detect changes among other things.

Are you only seeing this “stuttering” while in Config mode? What server and client version are being used? What is the camera model and firmware on the camera? Do these all match the test records for the camera on the IP Camera Database?

When you mention that your testing determined the issue was not the network, how did you determine this? You may want to try checking the RTSP stream using the VLC player installed on the server. This video explains the process.

Thank you.