Activate Axis Virtual Inputs via Exacq NVR

I’m looking for a way to activate a virtual Input on an Axis camera and also on an Axis Speaker. I see that other platforms have a way to do this. Would Webhooks be a way to do this? If so how would that be implemented?

Hi Jeff - this is possible via event linking and creating a soft trigger to trigger the event. You can also add this to the OSD of the camera through the associations page of the configuration menu.

Hi Josh,

I know how to trigger events via soft triggers and event-linking.

The issue I have is using webhooks as I mentioned in my original post.

I’m not sure you read the question correctly.

I would like to do this via webhooks but I am having no success with my programming of the webhooks. Can you provide a way via webhooks to activate the virtual inputs on an Axis camera?


Hi Jeff - I have confirmed with L3 engineering that it is unfortunately not possible with web hooks. This is due to a difference in the Axis API vs what we use in the exacq Server software. Axis apparently does have a method to trigger the audio clip but that would need to go through Axis support.

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